How I get by with my family and friends through awkward moments, embarrassing falls, laughter and spilt drinks

Dear World: Welcome Baby Tyler

At 11:30 last night, my two sisters, future brother-in-law, and parents drove up to the hospital to await the arrival of a new family member, my nephew. At 2:50 AM, Tyler Knox Stecher entered the world at 7lbs 7oz, 21 inches long. Below are a few pictures I took at the hospital throughout the night and today. My sister Jen was referred to as a “champ” by the doctor, and we are all so proud of her and Ryan.  I’m still getting used to adjusting settings on my camera and the lighting in the hospital room wasn’t the best, but I tried!

Waiting and sleeping in the hospital waiting room: Three future Aunts!

Jennifer and Ryan before

…and then we got the text at 1:44 AM

at 2:50 AM on July 20, 2012 Mr. Tyler Knox Stecher entered the world!

Ryan came into the waiting room to share the news


A head full of hair!

Proud parents with Tyler!

Such a beautiful baby and so, so, so perfect!!!!! I’m such a proud Aunt!



3 New Roommates

My room is such a bore!

Recently, I’ve been keeping an eye out for decorations to add to my room to make it more me/artsy/unique. Along with searching, I’ve been begging any male I know who can use a saw, hammer and nails to make something for me- hopefully that crafty decor is started/completed next week.

Yesterday I went to Mt. Airy main street with my little sister, and found my new roommates.

Meet the King, Queen and Jack.

Best dad, ever.

…patiently waiting for their turn to be mounted on the wall

So precise, I love this man.

The finished product 🙂

Success!! I reorganized my jewelry tree so she can finally breathe again!

My love for Bloom

3 works to describe me:


..I’m not sorry about it.

I absolutely love, love, love, reading. I carry a book with me 24/7 in my purse- hey you never know when you will have to spend your outings waiting in line and instead of waiting aka doing nothing but awkwardly pull out my iPhone and make it look like I have a lot of people to talk to and e-mails to look over, I read and dive into this world I’m consumed by aka my book of the week. I visit my Grandma and ended up stealing her books! Well, she gave me permission- that or I was just distracting myself after being asked the “So, Kels…are you dating anyone?” aka the never-ending eye rolling question- almost as eye rolling as the “now, how tall are you” asked by extended family who sees me at least once a year to which I want to respond “I stopped growing four years ago.. I’m still 5-11….yup, just like the last 10 times you asked me.”

But anyway.. back to my reading rant:

I get it, not everyone is a reader. What I love so much about reading is how there are so many things you can take from every book. With every book, whether fiction or non-fiction I’m introduced to a whole new world- a new setting, environment,  time period, new characters, new feelings, new quotes. Everything is new and after and a few turned pages, I feel a connection and get to the point where I know all these characters by heart aka wishing they were my best friends aka wish I could make coffee dates with them and gossip about other characters.

If I could live anywhere I wanted, I would build an apartment above any Barnes & Nobles in the world and live there. This is how much I love reading. Speaking of- I need bookshelves. For now, all of my books are in my closet- ugh I have to do something about this, stat.

But anyway, I guess my “love of reading” introduction all stemmed from my current read.. the book I received today and as of now, I’ve already read 153 pages because I can’t put it down. I suggest anyone and everyone to buy this book! My sister introduced me to Kelle Hampton’s Blog Enjoying The Small Things and I’ve been in love with Lainey and Nella ever since I started reading. Recently, Kelle published a book, Bloom about her life and her journey finding beauty in the unexpected.

Reading this, I started asking myself What’s really important in my life?

There are bigger fish in the sea, and sometimes I catch myself worrying about unimportant things and having petty arguments with Taylor, complaining about things I should thankful to have.

Life is about love and happiness, family and experiences, & finding out who you are. Don’t get me wrong, I did spend a little bit of tonight rolling my eyes at the therapy session between Teresa and Joe of Real Housewives NJ (the poor therapist..doesn’t sound like he wanted to see them again) but watching it, after reading only 153 pages of the book thus far, I felt almost sick because of how ridiculous people behave and act and how time is being spent. Don’t get me wrong, I find myself guilty of doing the same.

I’ve taken so much from Bloom so far, and part of me wants to wait a few days before reading it just to savor every word Kelle writes, but lets be real, I’m picking it right back up once I click publish. I don’t want to give too much away and you can read more on her blog, but I will say the book is beautifully written- filled with phenomenal pictures, touching testimonies, honesty, and lots of love.

I was crying by page 9.

I recommend it to anyone, because I think we all get tied up in irrelevant situations when really, we need to look at the big picture.

Named him after the man of the cloth

I will fully admit I’m turning into one of those weird, obsessive dog people…but I don’t care. I have the cutest puppy ever!! Mr. Amos Moses is rapidly growing and one day the world will be thanking me for these photos!! Lord knows when this baby comes for my sister my camera just might break cause I won’t ever put it down…well unless I’m holding the babes.

…he knows Mom get’s mad when he’s in the liriope!!!!

Nitro (the drama king of the fam) was drying off after his “traumatic” bath- he’s such a baby- and had some words of wisdom for the new addition to the family.

Being a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, he loves the water but I don’t think he’s a fan of shampoo (he is male) and water. It’s crazy to see how big he is compared to this…he was so little!

My dad took him out on the water today to practice retrieving off of the boat since he will be his hunting companion come duck season. By the end, he was tired!

Vaca Life Lessons

Relaxing on the beach for the past  week has been much needed. It’s been a lot of fun hanging out with Taylor Mays and my parents.

Luckily, my boss didn’t have her baby this work week so I will be back in the office on Monday!

This week, I’ve learned the following:

  • When my dad really wants something, he will repeat himself.
    Case point: Dinner- Mom asked us girls if we wanted an appetizer…

    Dad: “Sure girls, do you want chicken wings? Pick whatever you want”
    Mom “Yeah- there is mozarella sticks too!”
    …..Taylor and I look over the menu searching for the appetizer options
    Dad: “Chicken wings with hot sauce”
    Mom “Pick whatever you want”
    Dad “Yeah, some chicken wings or you pick what you want.”
    Closed menu after still not finding the appetizer options….needless to say, we got chicken wings. The same happened with his “suggestion” of Dairy Queen for dessert..but we won’t go there, lets just say we had dessert at Dairy Queen.

  •  A good time for Dad to give two of his girls “life lessons” was on the beach. A young boy was clearly scared of the water as he clinged to his mother.. Dad “See kids…in some situations, you just need the man to be there. That’s important in raising a kid, having both parents.” Okay, dad. I’ll keep that in mind.
  • Dad quote of the day: “Nothing feels better on your ass then cotton when you get back from the beach after wearing that fishnet underwear” …ew
  • I’m obsessed with bracelets.. per my new purchase: I’m very hesitant in buying myself things, especially if I think they are too expensive, but with a little push by my mom I’m really happy with these.

  • Vacation is the best time to read. I’m currently reading The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. It isn’t exactly what I hoped. Reading it, I felt like the story keeps going on, and on, and on…but I have to finish it. I fell in love with the story but once I hit 200 pages I realized the plot is now never-ending. Hopefully I will finish the book tonight. 3 books read during vacation = success. Thanks for the books, Grandma!
  • I really want to see Katy Perry’s movie…not sorry about it. Mostly because I want to see the downfall of her and Russell..still not sorry.
  • I loved spending the week with Taylor!
  • Now, I will awkwardly end this post on a bullet point.